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  1. AmeZam LLC : service transports packages from the United States of America to Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Lubumbashi DRC and Botswana, primarily by ground air and sea transportation with final delivery to designated warehouses or residential addresses by AmeZam Zambia Limited. The following are features of the service contract.
  2. AMEZAM LLC : provides AmeZam services on a contract-only basis. All shippers must enter into an approved contract while filling in the packing list for any AmeZam service.
  3. Rates: AmeZam rates are based on shipper and package characteristics, weight, size and volume. However, AmeZam Ocean Shipment only considers volume at $0.020 per cubic inch for Zambia and Malawi or $0.024 per cubic inch for Zimbabwe, Lubumbashi DRC and Botswana. For Air shipment, weight is charged at $20 per every KG transition i.e. $20 for 0kg-1kg, $40 for 1.1kg-2kg, $60 for 2.1kg-3kg and so on and so fourth or $0.11 per cubic inch. Whichever is higher.
  4. Payments: AmeZam LLC expects to receive a full payment prior to shipment of items. Unpaid for items will NOT be shipped. If a shipment (Parcel) finds itself in the custody of AmeZam without payment for any reason, that shipment will attract 10% interest on invoice value every 7 days while shipment is transiting.
  5. Purchase Assistance: AmeZam may assist in the purchase of certain commodities and merchandise but the said client must be very specific and must deposit the money before such purchase is made. AmeZam reserves the right to waiver any loss or liability that may arise from this arrangement.
  6. Additional charges : There is a $15 ( Zambia) or $25 ( Malawi) handling fee on every Air shipment and an additional fee on all shipments outside Lusaka. Additional charges for nonstandard service, additional or nonstandard usage, and other applicable additional or accessorial charges may be applied but the shipper will be advised prior for regions other than Zambia.
  7. Packages : Packages tendered for AmeZam Ocean shipment service are subject to minimum size and weight restrictions. AmeZam packages must be at least four inches high, six inches long, and .75 inches thick. All packages must be packed in durable containers, shrink-wrapped and clearly labelled with an AmeZam LLC item code. Barrels and strong Boxes are highly recommended. AmeZam may be able to assist in sourcing of these materials when asked.
  8. Prohibited Items: AMEZAM LLC will not accept for AmeZam service, hazardous packages such as lithium batteries or flammable liquids such as colognes, perfumes, firearms and illegal drugs. We highly recommend that you contact us before shipping goods to our warehouse so that we confirm if the goods are hazardous or maybe subject to regulations of the laws of the land of operations. Customer shall ensure that packages do not contain any item that AMEZAM LLC prohibits or states that it does not accept, as set forth herewith or generally considered hazardous. Customer shall be responsible for any penalties, fines, or any other damages that may arise as a result of customer’s failure to comply with these rules and regulations or AMEZAM LLC requirements.
  9. Transit time; Service Guarantee: The time and date of delivery for any package tendered for AmeZam service is not guaranteed. The AMEZAM LLC Service Guarantee as set forth in the AMEZAM LLC Tariff is not available for packages tendered for AmeZam service. Customer, on behalf of itself and its consignees, waives any right or claim for damages or liabilities of any kind against AMEZAM LLC arising from or relating to delayed delivery of packages tendered for AmeZam services.
  10. Mode of transportation; delivery: AMEZAM may provide AmeZam service via any mode of transportation in it’s discretion. Customer acknowledges that transportation for AmeZam packages, Including for shipments to some Zip Codes, may be made in whole or in part by AmeZam in AMEZAM LLC’s sole discretion. Only one delivery attempt shall be made on each package. Packages may be released to the consignee’s address without signature.
  11. Undeliverable packages: AmeZam packages that cannot be collected or delivered by AmeZam shall be returned to the warehouse where it shall accrue a storage fee of $5 per day. Customer may request AmeZam to provide Ancillary Service Endorsements for undeliverable packages pursuant to the laws of the land including Address Service Requested, Return Service Requested, Forwarding Service Requested, and Change Service Requested. Such services are provided by the AmeZam on its sole discretion. If AmeZam sets out to deliver a package upon communication with customer but is unable to deliver a package, it will be returned to the warehouse at Customer’s expense.
  12. Termination of service: AMEZAM LLC shall have the right to terminate AmeZam service to Customer immediately (i), if Customer fails to comply with any of these AmeZam Service Terms or the terms of any Agreement, or (ii) if the AmeZam LLC eliminates or changes the terms under which it provides service for packages tendered for AmeZam service. Termination shall be effective on notice to Customer.
  13. Liability limitations and Refunds: AMEZAM LLC’s liability for loss or damage to AmeZam packages is limited to a maximum of one hundred dollars ($100) per package if package is not insured against loss or liability. Whenever goods are damaged or lost in the course of transportation by AMEZAM LLC and a valid claim has been filed as set forth, AMEZAM LLC will pay, at its option, the lowest of the following: the actual cost of the goods, the repair cost, the replacement cost, or one hundred dollars ($100). Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, AMEZAM LLC shall have no liability for any loss of, or damage to, any goods while in the care, custody or control any other third party.